Slip Ups, and Why our Embarrassment can Lead to Change

In the pursuit of making the world a better place, we are all bound to slip up every now and then. For me, this happened today. I was sitting in the library at my school, reading a book, when a young woman walked up to me and asked if she could talk for a second. … Continue reading Slip Ups, and Why our Embarrassment can Lead to Change


Favorite Memories of 2017

Despite it being riddled with many political woes, there are still many great things that occurred in 2017. I wanted to take this time to share my favorite memories of 2017. Getting hired by Real Good Juice Co. Real Good Juice Co. came to me at a time when I was in a deep personal … Continue reading Favorite Memories of 2017

The Need for Intersectionality among Minority Activists

My first step into the world of activism began long before I had any inkling that I was gay. I was a part of a club that worked on a service project for the duration of the school year, then created a presentation about said project to be used in a series of competitions. My … Continue reading The Need for Intersectionality among Minority Activists

Opening up about Mental Illness

Being gay, professing progressive values, and binge watching Trisha Paytas' "mukbangs" are all, to some extent, controversial things about myself that I will openly profess. Having mental illness, however, does not fit in this list. I have known that I have had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or OCD, for many years, well before I ever thought … Continue reading Opening up about Mental Illness

A Collective View of Perfection

Have you ever had the privilege of witnessing true beauty? Something effervescent, unifying, and pure? This past Monday I had the opportunity to travel to Hopkinsville, Kentucky, to view the Great American eclipse. Never really having had any experiences with celestial objects, I was very excited to take part in history. Getting to the eclipse … Continue reading A Collective View of Perfection